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Over a period of some years I have been putting my memories on paper (in digital form) and now have close to 100,000 words. Although I started this journey at the urging of my elder son for his eyes only, on reflection, I conclude that my story is worthy of wider dissemination. Hence this website.

Most of what I have written remains in a rough unedited state. I shall now work through the draft and post the results here when I feel that the work is ready.

The title “In a Corner” stems from musings that I have called the Prologue. At the end of a long life one cannot but feel that choices made over the years result in one being “boxed into a corner”.

Today, my corner is a quiet rural township in South Canterbury, New Zealand, where I live in peaceful retirement. A world away from my place of birth, St Ives in Huntingdonshire, England.


NB:  Latterly, in compiling these pages I have used the dictation programme Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Although Nuance, the marketers of the programme, claim 99% accuracy, inevitably errors do creep in and text needs to be closely edited. That said, I still find errors in the published pages and whenever possible I correct them as soon as they are seen.


Copyright: G J Wright 2018


One thought on “From the Corner…

  1. After going through this ,I was suprised to find the name of my father in the story.i will be grateful if I can contact the writer.

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